Is MyLife Biocheese 100% vegan?

MyLife Biocheese is 100% vegan and dairy free, produced in Northern Greece by a vegan accredited producer. It is real vegan cheese with no animal ingredients, and is also free of gluten or soy.


Will there be other dairy free products in the MyLife range?

MyLife is working on a special dairy free range with plans to include other cheeses, spreads and sweet options as well as savoury. Stay tuned!

Does MyLife Biocheese contain palm oil?

Our products do not contain any palm oil, nor do they contain any dairy ingredients including rennet or casein. MyLife products are made with non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil which has been naturally refined. Taste the difference and enjoy the benefits!


Where can I find MyLife Biocheese? 

MyLife Biocheese is in specialty shops across Australia and NZ, and is being rolled out across Australian Coles supermarkets nationally to bring it to more dairy free cheese lovers across the country!