Do MyLife Bio products contain any dairy ingredients?

No, MyLife Bio products are produced with 100% dairy free ingredients and do not contain lactose, whey or casein. They are suitable for a vegan diet, individuals that are lactose intolerant and anyone simply looking for less dairy in their lives.

Do you use animal rennet in your products?

No, our products are not manufactured with animal rennet or any other animal ingredient.

Do MyLife Bio products contain cholesterol?

MyLife Bio products are low in cholesterol. All products with vegetable fat have a cholesterol content of less than 5mg/kg.

Are all your products allergen free?

Our products are free of dairy (casein, whey and lactose), soya, nuts, egg, MSG and gluten (we use corn and potato starch) which are some of the most common allergens. We only use natural vegan flavours which are the result of extraction or fermentation of plant based sources and some of our starch may be naturally modified to enhance its performance. If there is anything in particular you are allergic to, please contact us for more information.

Why do your products contain coconut oil?

Coconut oil has many reported health benefits and is an excellent alternative to animal fats found in most dairy products. Unlike most other fats and oils, it is rich in medium density fat, or medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are broken down by the body more efficiently due to their smaller size. These are then immediately converted into a source of energy rather than being stored as fat.

Are MyLife Bio products suitable for faith-based fasting?

Yes, MyLife Bio products contain no ingredients that contradict faith-based fasting practices.

My local store doesn't stock MyLife Bio products, what can I do?

We're so glad you enjoy our product as much as we do! Here at MyLife, we want to make it easy for you to access all of our products whenever you require. Simply print off one of our product request forms HERE, fill it out, and drop it off at your closest store. Hopefully they'll be stocking MyLife products soon! 

Where do you stad on sustainability and fair trade issues? 

We love making great food for our customers, and making a difference in communities across the country and the world.

This means embedding sustainable practice into every part of what we do. We're always finding better ways to create long-term social, environmental and economic value in the communities in which we work and live.

Are MyLife Bio products Halal?

Yes, our products are inherently Halal.

Is there any MSG in MyLife Bio products?

No, MyLife Bio products contain no MSG, no artificial flavours or artificial colouring. Please contact us for further details if you require more information.

Are your products GMO free?

Yes, our products are made up of non-genetically modified ingredients (GMO free).

Are MyLife Bio products soya free?

Yes, MyLife Bio products are completely free of soya. We use non-hydrogenated coconut oil in our recipes.

Do MyLife Bio products contain palm oil?

Our products do not contain any palm oil. 

Do MyLife Bio products contain titanium dioxide?

Our products do not contain titanium dioxide. Unfortunately, there are some products in the market that use this ingredient to maintain consistent colouring.

Does MyLife Biocheese melt?

Yes, MyLife Biocheese melts easily for a great toastie, pizza and to add to all of your favourite foods.

Can I cook with MyLife Bio products?

Yes, you can replace traditional dairy ingredients with MyLife Bio products as a dairy free alternative when preparing any of your favourite dishes. We recommend that you pay attention to the cooking time and conditions, as traditional dairy products differ compared to dairy alternatives made with vegetable fats in terms of their behaviour during the cooking process.

How should I store MyLife Bio products?

MyLife Bio products must be stored in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing the products, as this may alter the flavour and texture.

Where can I find MyLife Bio products?

MyLife Bio products can be found in major supermarkets i.e. Coles, Woolworths and IGA and good specialty food shops across Australia and the Australasian region.

Will there be more products in the MyLife Bio range?

MyLife is always looking for new ways to extend our dairy free range so stay tuned!