Mrs Bio is having... TRIPLETS!

Triplets are triple the fun AND triple the yum… that’s why this month we’re introducing not 1, but 3 new product into the Australian market.

As the market leader, we’re incredibly excited to further expand our high-quality offering. Our Bio Cheese Halloumi, Bio Creamy AND Bio Cheese Parmesano all promise to be the perfect dairy-free, accessible substitutes to those products you’ve been missing.

Bio Cheese Halloumi

Yet another great tasting Mediterranean experience. We bring to you Bio Cheese Halloumi – the perfect soft, mild and authentic-tasting, semi-hard dairy cheese alternative. This product’s unique higher melting point means that it can be enjoyed raw, as well as grilled or fried as a tapas-style snack or in a burger or salad.  

bio cheese halloumi vegan cheese
bio creamy vegan cream cheese

Bio Creamy

It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s mild… it’s Bio Creamy. Introducing the perfect cream cheese simulant - ideally spread on a bagel, used in dessert recipes or even paired with strawberries as an evening snack. Entirely free of additives and preservatives, and containing only plant-based ingredients, this product is light on the stomach (and flavourful on the tastebuds).

Bio Cheese Parmesano

Our authentic-tasting dairy-free Parmesano has that unique hard, gritty texture all-the-while being sharp, fruity and nutty in taste. This Italian gem is perfect for shaving or grating on top of pizzas or pastas or through risottos and soups.

bio cheese parmesano vegan cheese

So, how do you get your hands on some?

We’re thrilled to share that our Bio Cheese Halloumi product will be launching into Woolworths stores NATIONALLY from the 18th of March.

In addition to this, our Bio Cheese Halloumi, Bio Creamy and Bio Cheese Parmesano will be available at select independent grocers (Ritchies, IGAs) across Australia. But THIS is where you come in. Here at My Life HQ we LOVE a bit of teamwork. If your local grocer or health food shop aren’t stocking any of these products, please tell them to order some in and we’ll take care of the rest!

Happy tasting!