NEW: My Life’s Bio Cheese Cheddar and Cracker Snack Pack Launches into Coles Stores Nationally

Snack Pack.JPG

You’ve been at work plugging away all day. You feel as though your day should be coming to a close. Instead it’s 3pm and you have a sudden craving for snacking on anything and everything in sight.

Rather than fending off your 3pm munchies with unhealthy options, My Life have come to the rescue, adding an entirely plant-based snacking option to our already strong offering.

Our brand new Bio Cheese Cheddar and Cracker Snack Pack has rolled out into Coles supermarkets nationally this month. 

But what exactly is it? We’ve cleverly paired our crowd-favourite cheddar product with a dairy-free, gluten-free and allergen-friendly cracker.

Like our Bio Cheese product, it was important that the cracker we found to pair was just as flavourful and clean in its make.

This means that absolutely anyone is able to indulge in this on-the-go snack, irrespective of their dietary requirements.

Just in case this news isn’t exciting enough for Bio Cheese lovers – My Life have also announced the welcoming of their Bio Cheese Cheddar Slices and Shred into Coles supermarkets nationally today.

Head into your local Coles supermarket store to join us in celebrating the arrival of the ultimate Bio Cheese Cheddar trifecta.