Meet our Instagrammer of the Month... @zaccharybird!!!

Zac Bird is a foodie who loves animals as much as he loves dairy free and vegan deliciousness! A writer, blogger and recipe developer, Zac's focus is not so much about making vegan food, but making delicious food that happens to be vegan! We love the ingenious way he uses MyLife Bio products! 

We talked to Zac about his instagram @zaccharybird and how he comes up with his fantastic dairy free creations.

So why did you go dairy free and vegan, Zac?

Zac: I had been dairy free for ages and it suddenly clicked for me that I had one more step to get from there! I cut out dairy and eggs and have been in bliss ever since! Now I look back and can't even fathom consuming dairy anymore.

What do you try to focus on in your blog?

Zac: I think a lot of dairy free and vegan bloggers are really health conscious, which is great - but I do like to show that you can eat indulgently without dairy! Everything I make is vegan [and dairy free] and I try to focus on recreating dishes that are considered inaccessible as part of a vegan lifestyle.

What's the best thing about being dairy free and vegan?

Zac: Nobody's reproductive cycle is employed in my ingredients and I don't think there's any better reason than that! When I watched Cowspiracy last year on Netflix I became aware of the huge amounts of water consumption and carbon emissions that go into creating dairy. So it's good to know that, as an added bonus of grabbing a block of Biocheese, it is the environmentally sound option!

Why do you love MyLife products?

When I first went vegan/dairy free, cheese alternatives were an elusive rarity I would occasionally stumble upon if I was lucky or went on a big mission to the vegan exclusive stores. I love that MyLife Biocheese is is now stocked at my Coles, Woolworths and IGA so it's easy to pick some up on my way home just like everyone else!

I think a big hurdle for veganism [and going dairy free] is making great options really accessible, and MyLife Biocheese has made huge strides in that department! Also, the day the @mylifebio Instagram shared the saganaki recipe from the MyLife Blog, my inner Greek's life changed forever!

Where can we find you next, Zac?

Keep your eye out for me bringing some awesome vegan recipes and food to the table via @zaccharybird, or you can catch me fighting over the last block of MyLife Biocheese in the supermarket! :)