“MyLife has released the BEST mozzarella shreds I've ever tasted! Definitely making pizza everyday for the rest of my life now, ha!”

— @_polyestergirl_ via Instagram

“I used @mylifebio DF butter as a replacement for normal butter and it turned out INCREDIBLE! Not consuming dairy - whether it be for allergy/ dietary reasons, ethical reasons or just because you want to try something new shouldn't mean you have to miss out! This stuff tastes like the real thing!”

— @dinewithdoni via Instagram

This cheese is our go-to... if you're looking for a great dairy-free cheese I recommend this so SO highly. We also LOVE their cheddar slices for our toasties and burgers. So YUM!

— @mindful_moose via Instagram


“A delicious culinary replacement for health conscious or allergy sensitive consumers or those avoiding dairy or gluten. We loved how it tasted!"

— @twofoodfriends via Instagram

“...how wonderful your BioCheese is! Finally a vegan cheese without soy... and my daughter loves it. Thank you so much for this delicious product!”

— Emma via Mail