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About Us

At MyLife we believe food should taste great and be good for you. Natural, tasty and nutritious food should be a simple everyday choice.

The gift of life is yours, it is an amazing journey and you alone are responsible for its quality.

MyLife helps you celebrate life by making the choice of wholesome and healthy dairy free food easy.

Enjoy Quality. Enjoy MyLife.

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The ‘Plant Based’ Story

plant based

Why go plant-based?

The research is in and it’s clear – eating whole foods, derived from plants, is better for you, for animals and for our planet. Enjoying a plant-based diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes is an easy way to lessen our environmental footprint and get a head start on that healthy lifestyle we’re always being told about.

Going plant-based is not only vegan friendly but can help  – if you want to

  • improve your gut-health and digestion

  • enhance your fitness

  • balance your hormones 

  • lessen your disease risk

    then it’s for you too.   

As a bonus, you get to help the planet… by helping reduce demand for unfriendly farming practices which are a huge strain on our planet’s resources. Our increasing population means we simply can’t afford our meat and dairy based diets anymore. Moving to a plant-based diet reduces environmental impact, is a huge boost for animal welfare and encourages more sustainable agriculture.

Plant-based is not just a diet… it’s a lifestyle… take the MyLife Biocheese first step towards a healthier, sustainable future… for you and for our planet.




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