Bio Cheese Halloumi (200g)

Yet another great tasting Mediterranean experience. We bring to you Bio Cheese Halloumi – the perfect soft, mild and authentic-tasting, semi-hard dairy cheese alternative. This product’s unique higher melting point means that it can be enjoyed raw, as well as grilled or fried as a tapas-style snack or in a burger or salad.  


Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil (15%) [non-hydrogenated], Starch, Modified Starch (E1404, E1450), Barley Starch (Gluten Free), Sea Salt, Sunflower Kernel Grounded, Acidity Regulator: Glucono Delta Lactone, Vegan Halloumi Flavours, Olive Extract, Colour: B-Carotene.

Made in Greece

bio cheese halloumi vegan cheese