That Sugar Film: exposing the scary reality behind "healthy" foods

There is lots of debate out there about sugar. What is a good/bad sugar, whether you should cut sugar out of your diet altogether, and if you don’t, how much sugar is a “healthy” amount.

After living a sugar-free life for three years, Actor Damon Gameau decided to weigh in on the conversation by exposing how much sugar is in so-called “healthy” food, eating only from this food category for 60 days. The result of his experiment is That Sugar Film, which has just hit cinemas across Australia.

During the process, Gameau didn’t eat typically unhealthy food such as burgers or soft drinks.  He was eating foods that are marketed as “healthy” to consumers, such as muesli bars, cereal, yoghurt and fruit juice.

Possibly the most horrifying result of this film is that in just 60 days, Gameau not only lost his brain power, general health and wellbeing, he also developed fatty liver disease in carrying out the project, a disease that can lead to serious and long-term health problems.

That Sugar Film is a lesson in making sure you know what you’re putting into your body!

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