Bio Cheese Halloumi Hits Coles

BioCheese Halloumi.JPG

Our market-leading plant-based brand MyLife has expanded its offering in Coles supermarkets to include our Bio Cheese Halloumi product. 


Having previously seen success in the Australian market, it was only a matter of time until this Mediterranean staple hit Coles supermarket shelves nationally.


MyCo’s CEO Terry Paule feels that this move solidifies the importance of a broad plant-based offering in 2019. 


“Since we launched our first product some five years ago now, we have seen a convergence –the world is greening. Australian’s in particular are consuming more consciously than they ever have before, be it for their health, the environment or for animal welfare.”


With this plant-based sector growth has come consumer expectation of variety and accessibility. As Halloumi cheese is one of the most popular Mediterranean cheese varieties, Bio Cheese Halloumi was a natural extension of our strong existing product range.


Bio Cheese Halloumi is the perfect soft, mild and authentic-tasting plant-based alternative. This product’s unique higher melting point means that it can be enjoyed raw or grilled/ fried as a tapas-style snack, in a burger or salad.


To make any meal plant-based ‘just add Bio’.