Theres no room for NASTIES in your tummy!

At MyLife, we believe food should taste great AND be good for you. The food you put into your body should be natural, tasty and nutritious - free from all the NASTIES that surround us.

Choosing to eat healthy, dairy-free products shouldn’t mean sacrificing the wholesomeness of the foods you eat.

Living a nourishing life involves living consciously by looking into the foods you consume to fuel your body. Big (and unfamiliar) words like carrageenan, titanium dioxide, sorbic acid, sodium pholyphosphate, maltodextrin and glucono-delta-lactone shouldn’t be commonplace in the products we consume.

With the basis of our entire product range being completely free of these NASTIES, we are able to whole-heartedly support the healthy choices you make both in diet and lifestyle.


Enjoy quality. Enjoy MyLife.  

Nasties 2.png