Meet our Instagrammer of the Month... @nourishnotpunish

We are very fortunate to be celebrating the month of September with the assistance of yet another incredible Instagrammer! Evelyn (aka @nourishnotpunish) uses this powerful platform to empower her MANY followers, encouraging both physical and mental health through nourishment. This incredibly talented recipe-developer and blogger appeals to  people of varying culinary skills and dietary requirements, accommodating those choosing to eat dairy-free, gluten-free or the all-encompassing vegan-friendly.

We spoke to Evelyn about her lifestyle change and how this reflects in the formidable Instagram posts she presents us all with...


So Evelyn, what prompted you to go dairy-free and vegan?

I soon came to realise that all animals, just like the ones we call pets, are no different from each other! They all have families, feelings and the right to live. I then watched the documentary 'Earthlings' which completely changed my life! Have not, and will not ever, look back on this lifestyle decision :) 

Have you experienced many benefits from this lifestyle change?

I feel SO good both physically and mentally. I know that my lifestyle is not only saving the lives of so many animals, but it is also helping save the planet and my overall health. My energy levels are top notch and I've also had the privilege to teach many others about the benefits of being vegan!

What do you try to focus on in your Instagramming and blogging? 

Showing everyone how easy and delicious vegan meals are to make, regardless of food intolerances! I also focus on the importance of self love and body acceptance, which I think is extremely important.

Why do you love MyLife products? Have you found them suitable for your dietary needs?

They're so yummy! And versatile. I eat biocheese daily! Just as is, in toast, tacos, nachos, pizza etc. It's brilliant!

Can you share with us your favourite way to use MyLife products?

Definitely as the cheese to top my pizza!

What's the best way to find you?

@nourishnotpunish on Instagram OR at