Veganuary - The Month of Change

Photo via  Instagram @anettvelsberg

Photo via Instagram @anettvelsberg

Plant-based living has long-reigned supreme in improving personal health and well-being, in preventing environmental destruction and in preserving animal life. Our awareness of all such benefits is only further increasing with its presence in mass media nowadays. 

The beginning of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to make dietary change, the one you kept on putting off in 2017.  Regardless of whether you elect to incorporate 'Meat Free Monday' into your routine, purchase produce and ingredients more consciously or adopt a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet (or anything in between), do so with plant-based living in mind. 

Here at MyLife we believe in nourishment of the mind, body and soul and, as such, are committed to supporting you in your lifestyle of fulfilment, well-being and happiness.

In this new year, therefore, we challenge you to be CREATIVE, to jump into the kitchen and experiment with the full functionality of plant-based products (MyLife included) and acknowledge the benefits you experience. 

So, what's the secret to success?

We've devised our 10 TOP TIPS to help you in meeting your dietary and lifestyle goals this year. Irrespective of your motivation or degree of dietary and lifestyle change, it will only endure if it's sustainable! Here's how we think you'll best THRIVE OFF PLANTS all 2018-long.

1. Eat things you love. In order to make longterm lifestyle or dietary change it has to be something you enjoy doing - something that makes you feel good and fulfils your needs, both flavour and satiety wise. Make sure you're creative to keep yourself inspired and motivated! 

2. Transition in your own way, at your own pace. There's no written set of instruction on what to do and how to do it - it's in your hands! If it means adjusting a single meal, or even ingredient, a day then that's still progress!

3. Set yourself up to succeed. Stock up your cupboard and fridge with all the essentials (BioCheese included of course!). Have options plentiful so there's always something there when you're after a quick and easy option. 

4. Eat fresh. Wherever possible opt for fresh, local produce. Any fruits or vegetables that are seasonal are BOUND to be more tasty - eventually you'll find yourself craving them! 

5. Eat the rainbow. Ensure you maintain variety and interest by challenging yourself to eat ingredients of various colours. This has the added bonus of ensuring you get ALL the nutrients your body requires!

6. Keep learning. There are A LOT of people who have undertaken OR are currently undertaking the same journey you are. As such, there is an abundance of information on the internet to support you - be it dinner-time recipes, statistics or ingredient stockists - the internet is your FRIEND! 

7. Keep it simple. Adjusting your diet to be predominantly plant-based/ vegan/ dairy-free/ flexitarian doesn't have to be challenging, nor time-consuming! Try simple, low-cost recipes to begin with. 

8. Cook for everyone. Not EVERYONE has to be a convert like you BUT ridding any pre-conceptions about vegan-ism or plant-based living is FAR easier when you win them over with food. Acquaint your family and friends with your new diet by cooking them an incredible meal. Who knows, they may even join you on your journey! 

9. Go out. These days dietary change DOESN'T have to mean you can't enjoy eating out with friends and family. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the menu or request small adjustments when required - most staff will be accommodating! 

10. Don't give up. The first couple of days, if not weeks, may present challenges but STICK TO IT. You'll thank yourself later.