BioCheese Pizza Shred in 920 Woolworths Stores Nationwide


Monday marked one more win for the plant-based, dairy-free community with yet ANOTHER one of our products becoming available across mainstream, major retailer Woolworths Australia-wide. 

We at MyLife HQ have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of calls, messages and emails we have received from thousand of you who love our products just as much as we do. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing loyalty to our brand. 

We are incredibly disappointed that the welcoming of a new product at Woolworths has come at the expense of their stocking the very popular BioCheese Cheddar Shred and BioButtery Spread. While still available at some leading independent grocers, we ask that you continue to support our brand by requesting that your local Coles, IGAs and Woolworths stores stock this product - it will ensure that they know the demand has, and will never, cease.  

Despite this, the arrival of BioCheese Pizza Shred at over 920 Woolworths stores nationally is very exciting news. 

MyLife was the first Australian brand of dairy-free, plant-based "cheese" to hit Woolworths, Coles and leading independent grocery shelves almost four years ago today.

This product in particular is one of our personal favourites here at MyLife HQ and one that we frequently indulge in come the weekend. Mimicking that all-too-familiar Mozzarella flavour and texture, this product is about as close to the "real-deal" as you get, maybe even better! 

Found on pizzas at both Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar and Pizza Capers stores nationally, you can now more easily replicate your favourite pizza topping combinations at home - we think that's pretty spectacular.

Our advice to BioLovers? 

  1. GET YOUR HANDS ON SOME QUICK! The demand for this product has ALWAYS been high, we wouldn't want you to miss out on the first drop! 
  2. GET CREATIVE. BioCheese Pizza Shred is (of course) incredible on pizza BUT there's not much it can't do. Formulated to melt easily without sacrificing its texture or flavour profiles, this product is incredibly versatile and should become a fridge staple!
  3. BioCheese Pizza Shred belongs DOWN UNDER. Cover it with ingredients, cover it with foil... cover it. The better insulated you keep BioCheese Pizza Shred in the cooking process, the gooey-er it gets. The gooey-er the better we say. 

We are proud to be a local company that continues to produce the highest quality of products, entirely free of preservative and additives, and who too does their part in supporting the dietary needs of all. Whether you're vegan, low-FODMAP, lactose intolerant, plant-based or anything in between we've got you covered! We are committed to continually working towards both the increased accessibility of our products to all at an everyday price. 

Here at MyLife HQ we have been busy designing and producing some new and exciting products for you to enjoy in the coming months. With the roll-out of these products, we encourage you to continue to consume consciously - look into your food by reading product labels, ensure you can pronounce all ingredients you feed your stomach and continue to win your family and friends over by plating up tasty, simple and nutritious meals. 


    920 Woolworths stores, EVERY state and territory. Get shopping!  

    Less Dairy More Life... Enjoy Quality. Enjoy MyLife.


    NB: Can't find our products in your local Woolworths? We're sorry to hear! Simply drop the attached 'Product Request Form' into your local store and leave it to us to work our magic!