Bio Cheese Halloumi Chips

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We are delighted to bring to you a delicious Bio Cheese Halloumi recipe from the wonderful (and very talented) Jess Thomson (aka @mindfullyjessica). Well known for her mouth-watering plant based recipes and raw desserts on Instagram, this vegan mum of two certainly exemplifies just how easy, colourful, versatile and wholesome a plant based diet can be. Whenever we require some culinary inspiration, we know to look no further! Having never tried Halloumi before, Jess put together these “beauties” to celebrate the arrival of this incredible plant based, vegan cheese alternative.

Makes 12 Halloumi Chips.


1 pack of Bio Cheese Halloumi

1/2 cup plain flour

Oil, for cooking (we’ve used olive oil)


  1. Slice your Bio Cheese Halloumi blocks into chips.

  2. Place your flour into a bowl wide enough to fit your Bio Cheese Halloumi chips.

  3. Put enough oil in a skillet/ frying pan to fill to a depth of 2cm. Heat the oil over medium-to-high heat.

  4. Once hot, coat the Bio Cheese Halloumi in flour and place in the skillet/ frying pan to cook until golden. Rotate regularly until evenly cooked.

  5. Place on paper towel and allow to drain before serving hot alongside a dipping sauce of your choice.