NEW: Bio Cheese Feta Launches into Woolworths Stores Nationally.

Feta Launch.JPG

Australians all let us rejoice: Mrs. Bio’s expecting once again!

We’ve incredibly proud to announce that this week we have launched a new vegan Feta across Woolworth’s stores nationwide.

There’s no doubt that vegans are taking over, with plant based eating being the hottest food trend of 2018. It’s only fitting, therefore, that we as market leaders rise to the occasion and give our loyal consumers what they’re asking for – variety. 

We really wanted to spice things up with this latest product. Our Bio Cheese Feta offers a great tasting, authentic Mediterranean experience.

It almost sounds too good to be true! Dairy-free eaters have long-missed being transported to sunny Greece from their dining tables.

With a simple crumbling of Bio Cheese Feta on top of salads, pizzas, fruit or cooked vegetables, or through dips and pastries, you can delight in the quintessential Mediterranean lifestyle on the opposite side of the globe.

Until now, there’s been a big Feta-shaped void in mainstream shopper’s hearts. We are certain that this flavoursome, creamy number will hit the spot for all consumers.

This launch comes straight after an incredibly successful August for us, filled with launches into Zambrero, Mad Mex and Hungry Jacks stores nationally. Despite this busy month, we’ve still managed to line-up various new product launches for you to enjoy!

Head into your local Woolworths store today to give Bio Cheese Feta a try.